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Outdoor Learning

Robin Hood Primary and Nursery School aims to provide Outdoor Learning experiences for all children.

We have developed a progressive outdoor learning approach that specifically focuses on subject areas throughout the EYFS and KS1 curriculum.

The Outdoor Learning Leader works closely with the class teachers to plan and deliver learning opportunities for pupils to explore, consolidate and develop their knowledge and understanding of the ever-changing natural environment, closely linked to Science, History and Geography.

Activities are created to inspire their curiosity, stimulate their senses and through challenging, yet achievable tasks; using various real tools and natural resources to bring learning to life. These experiential learning opportunities help to create an understanding of the balance of the natural world and the finite resources around us.

Outdoor Learning remains a focus throughout KS2. The Outdoor Leader acts in an advisory capacity supporting the preparation of resources, facilities and safety requirements for the class teachers to lead subject specific outdoor lessons.



The Forest School approach originated in Denmark where children are encouraged to learn through play in an outdoor environment. Sessions aim to encourage and inspire children to develop their personal, social and emotional skills through participation in tasks and activities that are both challenging and achievable. These can be set up as child led activities, group work or 1:1 tasks.

Forest School is an appropriate method to integrate into a state school system as the learning outcomes are closely linked to Prime and Specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum. This makes the planning and assessment of the activities compatible with our methods at Robin Hood Primary School.


The Outdoor Classroom

Forest school sessions are fun and engaging, responding to the needs and interests of the group, they are lead by qualified and skilled practitioners. At Robin Hood Primary we are able to offer our children access to a range of outdoor classrooms; the woodland setting, our purpose built Outdoor Learning Area and our Sensory Garden. This enables the school to deliver sessions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of each year group, planning learning outcomes linked to the curriculum. Children are able to develop their understanding and appreciation of the natural environment and a love of the outdoors through first-hand learning opportunities.

Developing resourceful, creative learners

At Robin Hood Primary we believe that the awe and wonder of the natural world should be an integral part of our curriculum. We recognise that outdoor learning is the key to inspiring, motivating and enabling cross-curricular and deep level learning opportunities.

We know that in our ever changing world, it is as important for children to know how to learn, to become resourceful, creative, resilient learners, working collaboratively and seeing challenges as learning opportunities. Forest school actively promotes these learning aims; helping children to develop their self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Developing their emotional intelligence, empathy and communication enables them to manage their emotions effectively.

We believe that all the children attending our school can benefit from the Forest School approach to learning and that it is the responsibility of the Outdoor Learning Coordinator and class teachers to work in collaboration, to maximise the learning potential and ensure that there is accessibility for all.

A Forest School approach enables children to:

  • Develop language and communication skills

  • Explore negotiation, team building and conflict resolution skills in a safe

  • Learn how to manage difficulties and problem solve.

  • Build confidence in decision-making and how to manage risk.

  • Learn how to use real tools safely and with purpose.

  • Achieve success

  • Time to reflect on experiences.

  • Improve physical motor skill and increase opportunity for physical exercise.

  • Increase motivation and concentration skills.

We believe that all these skills are transferable to the classroom and have a positive impact on children’s capacity and motivation to learn.

Forest School in Nursery

As part of the Extended day provision, Nursery children are able to take part in weekly Forest School sessions (Parents can also pay for their child to attend the session).

Forest School sessions provide time spent in an inspirational and challenging outdoor learning environment, where children can make connections and develop a life-long love of the natural world.

Child led opportunities help to develop your child’s Physical, Social & Emotional development learning new skills in a nurturing, safe space led by qualified staff.

Forest School Sessions