At Robin Hood we provide a curriculum that caters for the needs of all individuals.

Everyone should make progress from their unique starting points. Home learning forms a key part of this. Children are encouraged, through practise, to secure their mathematical knowledge in and outside of the classroom. These videos have been provided to assist parents and carers when working with their children at home.

The videos focus on key areas of the curriculum and follow the Robin Hood approach of working with concrete, physical resources before progressing on to pictorial representations and abstract maths, where, for example, children may write number sentences using the digits. If all children were to follow these videos at their own pace, we would expect them to become secure in the key areas of the maths curriculum in Key Stage 1.

Maths Video 1
Maths Video 2
Maths Video 3
Maths Video 4
Maths Video 5
Maths Video 6
Maths Video 7