At Robin Hood Primary we have a creative curriculum. The Early Years Foundation Stage cover a new theme every half term and years 1 to 6 study five different themes over the course of the year.

Themes are cross curricular although some aspects of Literacy, Maths and Science may are taught discretely. Some themes are short, lasting only four weeks and others can be much longer. Children in Key Stage 2 are also taught French.

Themes begin by finding out the children's existing knowledge on the subject and what they would like to find out. The teachers plan accordingly using the new National Curriculum programmes of study. Where possible visits and workshops are planned to enrich their learning experiences.

Learning is personalised by encouraging the children to follow their own lines of enquiry within each theme. Each child’s work is presented in a Learning Journal, a record of their learning for that theme.

The children are encouraged to regularly review and assess their own work with their class teacher and follow personalised learning targets. The children take great pride in their Learning Journals and their work is regularly shared in weekly assemblies and with parents at parent’s evenings.

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